When it comes to love, us techs love our gadgets. Here are a few of our favorite things that keep us connected while we're in
the office or on the road.


Microsoft Surface Pro 7: The Microsoft Surface Pro line has been a computer of choice for several HI Tech Hui team members over the years. It’s a compact device that’s good for traveling but powerful enough for day-to-day work. This year, they’ve added a USB-C port, FINALLY! Plus, Microsoft’s technical support for their hardware line is one of the best we've seen in a while.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: There was a time that the thought of having a smartwatch was silly, but when a few team members finally invested in them we found out why it was so convenient. The ability to see who is calling, texting or emailing without having to dig a phone out has made life so much easier. Being able to track workouts is an added plus to keep accountable to New Year’s resolutions.


Bose SoundLink Revolve+: A favorite of Loren's, this small (a relative term) speaker can fill a room with Bose quality audio. It also doubles as a speaker phone. Comes with Alexa built-in but I don’t really use it so I’ve disabled it. You could, if you’re into that kind of thing. Bose has smaller speakers as well but the sound quality of this one is the best for the size.


BeatsX Wireless Earphones: Another Loren favorite! When I don’t want the world to hear my conversation, I switch over to earbuds. Between this and my Active 2 smartwatch, I rarely need to take my phone out of my pocket to get on a call.


myCharge Adventure Mega Portable Charger: This is a waterproof charger that is capable of charging all of the above devices. Dual USB-A ports let me charge two devices at a time. This charges all of my devices FAST!



Drop us a line at [email protected] if you have gadgets we need to check out!

- A Message from the HI Tech Hui Team

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