HI Tech Hui's Security Operations Center (SOC) is located in Hawaii and Maryland to ensure we have coverage from East to West to support our local and mainland clients. We use a follow the sun philosophy to provide 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring services. Our SOC provides non-stop monitoring, protection and support from cyber threats for Hawaii's Banks, Credit Unions, Utility Companies and Healthcare companies.

All of our data is stored securely on the cloud by FireEye Mandiant, a leading cybersecurity company. We are a premier MSSP partner of FireEye Mandiant and one of 3 companies in the United States that offers this service. All of our data is stored within the U.S using AWS, Amazon Web Services.

Continuous Threat

HI Tech Hui's Security Operation Center offers Cybersecurity via 24/7 threat monitoring for physical and digital assets across a diverse set of industries. Their monitoring platform correlates this information to enable proactive responses to industry specific threats while tailoring solutions to individual business needs.

Managed Security

As a managed security service provider, HI Tech Hui with the partnership of FireEye has adapted to assess, recommend and manage security solutions in the digital domain. Their expertly trained security analysts and engineers are available 24/7 as an extension of your IT team to manage solutions and recommend strategies regarding threats to your network, its users, and their information.

Security Consulting and Risk Management

In-depth security assessments close the gaps in overall risk management programs and follow industry best practices. With expertise across physical and digital security disciplines, their team can provide clear and concise guidance for your organization.

Mobility and Remote Access Security

As corporate environments continue to evolve, remote and home office workers are blurring network perimeters. IT professionals are faced with a rapidly moving mobile marketplace that is highly diverse with hundred of unique configurations to manage. HI Tech Hui's Security Operation Center offers an integrated solution to address the challenges introduced by a mobile workforce.

SEIM (Security Event Information Management)

Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) solutions provide real-time analysis, logging, and reporting of security alerts (events and incidents) generated by network hardware and applications. This is commonly leveraged by organizations that are dealing with an ever-growing volume of network-connected devices and sensitive corporate assets. As event volume becomes increasingly challenging for an IT staff to handle, outsourced Security Operations Centers can function as an extension of the department.

Advanced Security Monitoring - 24/7 SOC Services- (Security Operations Center)

FireEye and HTH's SOC is staffed by experienced, certified professionals in both managerial and technical capacities. This staff has collective experience providing information security to leading healthcare, financial, and corporate entities, as well as within the United States Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

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