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Our team provides Professional IT Support, Managed Services and Outsourced IT Services, all with a strong emphasis on keeping your systems safe and secure.

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We provide local Hawaii businesses with the reliable IT and cybersecurity solutions they need to keep their businesses running and secure. Organizations connect with us when they are frustrated with unreliable technology, unsatisfied with the response time of their current IT provider, have doubts about the money they are spending to backup and secure their data, or need to meet compliance regulations and are exhausted by the process. Since 2006, HI Tech Hui has introduced Hawaii businesses to a network of expert business, cybersecurity and IT professionals to help our customers transform into secure companies who leverage technology to be more successful.

Our Vision

We are Hawaii’s Cybersecurity experts! Our team helps protect Hawaii’s businesses from cyber attacks, data loss and downtime. We augment internal IT departments with our IT support and cybersecurity expertise.

We are a driving force in educating the community and we strive to help grow Hawaii’s talent through our community efforts. We help drive the tech industry in Hawaii making our State a better and safer place for the future!

Our company operates with a set of core values that we live by. We create a fun working environment where we are all passionate about what we do and love where we work.  We want to provide the best customer experience possible and do what we can to make this world a better, happier place… one person, one employee, one customer at a time.

Our Core Values

Meet Our Team

Loren Aquino

CXO and Head of Operations

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Anne-Marie Lerch

CXO and Head of Finance

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Chuck Lerch

CXO and Head of Cybersecurity

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Systems Engineer

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Cybersecurity Team

Our cybersecurity experts prefer to keep their photos offline to maintain their privacy. Our incredible team is listed below:

Stephen S.

Liam W.

Ricky B.

Chris R.

Paul C.

Our Clients

HI Tech Hui’s customers span across multiple industries such as healthcare, financial institutions, major utility companies, theme parks, construction and accounting firms to name a few. Our 100+ customers have chosen HI Tech Hui as their go to partner for managed services, cybersecurity and IT Consulting.

Since a handful of our customers come to us for cybersecurity protection, many of them prefer to go incognito. References and client reviews are available upon request.

Our current customers are:

  • Credit Unions
  • Engineering Companies
  • Accounting Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Moving and Storage
  • Consulting Firms
  • Utility Companies
  • Transportation
  • Consulting
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Construction

“If Protecting Your Company Against Debilitating Ransomware Attacks Is Important To You, Then I Would Strongly Suggest Working With Hi Tech Hui.”

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Al H.

Vice President

“HI Tech Hui offers cutting edge technology, a high volume of information to their customers, and works with strong vendors.”

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David T.

IT Director

“What a great experience”

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Anthony S.

Business Development and Marketing

“I also sleep better knowing I won’t wake up and have to deal with hijacked or ransomed
data files.”

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Henry D.


“We always recommend Hi Tech Hui, they are Hawaii’s cybersecurity experts”

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Jared G.


“Working with HI Tech Hui has been great, the IT support team has been amazing.”

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Minnette J.

Guyo Business-Office Manager

“With HI Tech Hui’s Expertise, We’ve Achieved Higher Levels Of IT Security And Peace Of Mind”

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Donna D


“A SMART Team Looking For The Right Solution For YOU”

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Adam C.

Network and Datacenter Services

“Friendly Experts Communicating On My Level”

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Ellen C.

Office Manager

“HI Tech Hui Is Helping Us To Optimize Our Network Structure – Improving Our Overall Efficiency With Genuine Customer Service”

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Erina Y.

Law Firm Senior Partner

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