About Us

HI Tech Hui is a locally-owned cyber security and IT services consulting firm. HI Tech Hui is a "formal club" of technical experts. No other company in Hawaii has access to the network of IT and cyber security experts that HI Tech Hui works with on a daily basis. That's why HI Tech Hui is considered one of the best IT support and cyber security companies in Hawaii.

HI Tech Hui's executive team has worked with large local businesses and global Fortune 500 firms including: Amazon, Zappos, Gap, Barclays, Wall Street, Microsoft, Accenture and many other startups. We bring that enterprise-level expertise to companies throughout Hawaii. That means that our “hui” offers you top-class service and Enterprise-class cyber security and IT knowledge and services for the local small and medium business.


Chuck Lerch

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner

Chuck Lerch is an expert in IT Architecture and Infrastructure. His diverse experience with multiple industries and startups has helped him solve the most technical and complex IT problems. He's been the CIO and CTO at numerous companies while focusing on security. His passion for secure networks is what lead him to his love and vision to bring cybersecurity solutions to the Hawaiian islands.

Anne-Marie Lerch

Chief Financial Officer and VP of Marketing

Anne-Marie has a diverse background in systems management, software development, data warehousing and Business Intelligence. She has managed multiple large scale enterprise software development and Big Data projects. Anne-Marie has worked for companies such as Accenture, Microsoft and Zappos (subsidiary of Amazon) as well as various start-ups. Her love for business strategy and technology is what inspired her to start a consulting company in Hawaii.

Max Parisi

Managing Partner & Network Expert

Max has been working with technology since Radio Shack was the only place to buy computers. He cut his teeth as a network consultant designing, managing and deploying networks for wall street firms such as Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase and others before switching over to consult for Port Authority of NY and NJ. He has been in Hawaii since 2004 and been a trusted adviser for many of Hawaii’s largest companies.

Loren Aquino

Chief Operations Officer and Principal Analyst

Loren has been working in Information Technology since 1995 when he started his IT career in as a Network Technician. Since then, he has designed, installed and supported Hawaii businesses from various industries including healthcare, finance, insurance, construction and legal, just to name a few. Throughout his career, he has continuously developed both his technical and management experience earning him the reputation as the “go-to” resource for technical, operational and managerial IT consulting. As a former executive of one of Hawaii’s largest IT consulting firms, Loren brings his first-hand experience of managing the growth of a successful IT consulting firm to the HI Tech Hui ohana.


We are a group of diverse independent contractors and employees working together to help companies with their specific IT needs.

Ally Turner

Project and Marketing Manager

Ally is a Project and Marketing Manager with more than 10 years’ experience in sales and customer management. Having completed her Bachelors in Business with a minor in marketing, she discovered a love for event coordinating. Her skills allow her to excel in project coordination performed with phenomenal companies in multiple niche’s. Ally is thrilled to share and expand her knowledge of IT management and marketing with Hi Tech Hui. Located on the East Coast, Ally works remotely for Hi Tech Hui and dreams of returning to the island to bask in the Hawaiian beauty.

Joel Leo

Systems Engineer

Joel is a certified systems engineer with an extensive record of accomplishments in architecting, deploying and supporting infrastructure and applications in enterprise-scale environments. His specialties include Active Directory, architecture, virtualization, and networking.

Mike Ige

Technical Services Manager

Mike has been working in IT since 2001 when he initiated his career as a PC Technician for a fast food chain. Since then he's worked at various IT consulting companies in Hawaii where his roles advanced from Help Desk Support to Project Manager and Senior Server Administrator. Customer service is Mike's top priority! Mike's best quality is his ability to communicate in terms that everyone can understand. He has a great balance between being professional but casual with clients.

Katie Billingsley

Finance and Graphics Manager

Katie started with HI Tech Hui putting together our newsletters! She now also helps with other graphic design & marketing projects. She's more recently taken over managing our accounting. Katie lives in Maryland with her family, but spent 3.5 years living in Hawaii and was lucky enough to make the connections that have allowed her to work with HI Tech Hui from afar.

Yaxin Tao

Accounting and Marketing Assistant

Yaxin started off with HI Tech Hui as an intern, but is now working for HTH part-time. She helps out with the accounting team and assists with our marketing efforts. Yaxin is so excited to work with this amazing, heart-warming team! She very much appreciate this amazing opportunity at HI Tech Hui with a group of great and friendly people.