HI Tech Hui is a locally-owned cyber security and IT support consulting firm. HI Tech Hui is a "formal club" of technical experts. No other company in Hawaii has access to the network of IT and cyber security experts that HI Tech Hui works with on a daily basis. That's why HI Tech Hui is considered one of the best IT support and cyber security companies in Hawaii.

HI Tech Hui's executive team has worked with large local businesses and global Fortune 500 firms including: Amazon, Zappos, Gap, Barclays, Wall Street, Microsoft, Accenture and many other startups. We bring that enterprise-level expertise to companies throughout Hawaii. That means that our “hui” offers you top-class IT support service and Enterprise-class cyber security and IT knowledge and services for the local small and medium business.

Our Vision

We are Hawaii’s Cybersecurity experts! Our team helps protect Hawaii’s businesses from cyber attacks, data loss and downtime. We augment internal IT departments with our IT support and cybersecurity expertise.

We are a driving force in educating the community and we strive to help grow Hawaii’s talent through our community efforts. We help drive the tech industry in Hawaii making our State a better and safer place for the future!

Our company operates with a set of core values that we live by. We create a fun working environment where we are all passionate about what we do and love where we work.  We want to provide the best customer experience possible and do what we can to make this world a better, happier place... one person, one employee, one customer at a time.

Core Values

Family and faith always come first. We make time for the important things in life. Our customers and employees are part of our ohana.

IMUA- Pursue Growth & Learning: We live in a world where technology changes at the speed of light and our knowledge grows to stay ahead of it. We are the best of the best in our industry because we have a constant passion for learning everything from technology to business and personal growth.

We believe in making this world a better place. We believe in doing the right thing over the easy thing. It’s important for us to live with integrity, honesty and kindness.

Make the most of your life, enjoy it, savor it, create happiness, be happiness, have fun, laugh out loud. Life is a journey; enjoy the ride. Our happiness is contagious to everyone we interact with.

We love amazing customer service! We expect the best and think our customers deserve the best, too! It’s important to us to go the extra mile, provide the best service and go above and beyond. Our mission is to bring happiness to you!

Live aloha, be aloha. Our vision and mission go beyond tech and profits. We care deeply for our employees and customers. It’s about spreading aloha, forgiveness and taking risks to build deeper connections.

Meet our Team

Chuck Lerch

CXO and Head of Cybersecurity

Chuck Lerch is an expert in IT Architecture and Infrastructure. His diverse experience with multiple industries and startups has helped him solve the most technical and complex IT problems. He's been the CIO and CTO at numerous companies with great emphasis on security. His passion for secure networks is what lead him to his love and vision to bring cybersecurity solutions to the Hawaiian islands.

Anne-Marie Lerch

CXO and Head of Finance

Anne-Marie has a diverse background in systems management, software development, data warehousing and Business Intelligence. She has managed multiple large scale enterprise software development and Big Data projects. Anne-Marie has worked for companies such as Accenture, Microsoft and Zappos (subsidiary of Amazon) as well as various start-ups. Her love for business strategy and technology is what inspired her to start a consulting company in Hawaii. She specializes in project management for software development projects.

Loren Aquino

CXO and Head of Operations

Loren has been working in Information Technology since 1995 when he started his IT career in as a Network Technician. Since then, he has designed, installed and supported Hawaii businesses from various industries including healthcare, finance, insurance, construction and legal, just to name a few. Throughout his career, he has continuously developed both his technical and management experience earning him the reputation as the “go-to” resource for technical, operational and managerial IT consulting. As a former executive of one of Hawaii’s largest IT consulting firms, Loren brings his first-hand experience of managing the growth of a successful IT support consulting firm to the HI Tech Hui ohana.


We are a group of diverse independent contractors and employees working together to help companies with their specific IT needs.


Cyber Analyst, Tech Support

Chris is a Support Tech at HI Tech Hui with extensive experience performing remote desktop support specializing in the healthcare industry. As a former minister and former dependency case manager, his drive to help people and his passion for solving problems and working with computers brought him to the cybersecurity industry. When Chris is not working, he is enjoying time with his wife, playing with his two daughters (usually taking on the role as a dinosaur), watching Seinfeld or The Office, and playing the drums.


Cyber Analyst

Ilea is our newest Cyber Analyst. She is our in-house Apple expert having worked as a technical specialist at Apple for two years. She is part of the Hawaii Air National Guard in the Cyber Security Unit. She is getting her Associates degree in IT with a focus in Information Security Assurance. Her love of travel has brought her to countries such as: South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, and Taiwan all within the last 2 years.


Systems Engineer

Joel is a certified systems engineer with an extensive record of accomplishments in architecting, deploying and supporting infrastructure and applications in enterprise-scale environments. His specialties include Active Directory, architecture, virtualization, and networking.


Solutions Architect

Joe has been working in the Information Technology space since he started his IT Career in 1994 as a Co-Op at Northern Telecom (Nortel) in Richardson, Texas. For the next 16 years, Joe has expanded his Network Expertise in a variety of industries including Consumer Goods, Network Consulting Services, Aviation, and Insurance, working alongside companies such as Procter and Gamble, International Network Services, and Aviall. In 2010, Joe further augmented his IT expertise as a Sales Engineer with Radware and then as a Systems Architect with Optiv. This vast array of experience as an End User, Reseller, Consultant, and Vendor in both Networking and Cyber Security is what now allows him to provide unique perspectives and vast knowledge to assist the IT needs in Hawaii.


SOC Analyst

Nathan is a senior at DePaul University studying a BS in Computer Science with a concentration in software development. Nathan has previous experience in the software development field as an intern at eWorldes, and has been programming for 7 years. In his free time, Nathan enjoys surfing, skateboarding, and making music.


SOC Analyst

Sean is a Certified Data Recovery Professional (CDRP) and a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). For the past 15 years, Sean worked for a family owned business that digitized video and audio, eventually becoming their Solutions Manager. After the acquisition of a MBA and Masters in Cyber Security Policy, he expanded his career. Sean is excited to bring his experience and education to HI Tech Hui/Cyberuptive as SOC Technician. When he's not hard at work, Sean enjoys hanging out with friends, hiking, and relaxing in the outdoors.


Project and Marketing Manager

Ally is our Project & Marketing Manager with more than 10 years’ experience in sales and customer management. Having completed her Bachelors in Business with a minor in marketing, she discovered a love for sales and event coordinating. Her skills allow her to excel in project coordination performed with phenomenal companies in multiple niche’s. Ally spends her down time exploring wineries and making memories with her husband and 2 boys.


Finance Manager & Graphic Designer

Katie has her BA in Business Management and her Masters in Business Entertainment. You'll see Katie's creativity in many of HTHs marketing projects. When she's not working graphics or marketing, she's handles the numbers and helps manage all the finances, bookkeeping and invoicing. Katie enjoys spending time with her family, attending local concerts with friends, and traveling abroad.


Accounting Assistant

Ethel joins our accounting team with almost 10 years of experience. She will be helping managing finances, payroll, accounts and more. Ethel enjoys spending time with my family and three kids, attending occasions with friends, and dancing. She used to be a Philippine Cultural Dance Troupe member in Cebu, Philippines.



Tommy has over 15 years’ experience working with State and Federal agencies in the field of IT and Information Security.  He has spent years supporting the Army, Navy, Marines, and Airforce, as a defense consultant.   In addition Tommy has spent a few years in the Department of Human Services to help stand up their Information Security team and practices.  He enjoys helping organizations understand their security risk and helping them come up with a solution that best meets their needs.


UI UX Designer

Meghdad is a mission driven UX & Product specialist. He is passionate about helping conscious organizations build user-centric products. Meghdad has a diverse background in User Experience Design, Product Management and Software Development. He has been featured in Startups.com, The Goodmen Project, Entrepreneur's Organization, Business Journal and more. Meghdad is also a director at Startup Grind, the largest independent startup community in the world, powered by Google for Startups.

Our Clients

HI Tech Hui's customers span across multiple industries such as healthcare, financial institutions, major utility companies, theme parks, construction and accounting firms to name a few. Our 30+ customers have chosen HI Tech Hui as their go to partner for managed services, cybersecurity and IT Consulting.

Since a handful of our customers come to us for cybersecurity protection, many of them prefer to go incognito. References and client reviews are available upon request.

Our current customers are:

  • Credit Unions
  • Engineering Companies
  • Accounting Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Moving and Storage
  • Consulting Firms
  • Utility Companies
  • Transportation
  • Consulting
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Construction

Client Reviews

"HI Tech Hui offers cutting edge technology, a high volume of information to their customers, and works with strong vendors."

"So far we are really happy with the Cylance implementation. I am so glad that we signed up for the threat zero services. I actually think that the services are essential to get Cylance properly setup and configured the first time. I would highly recommend that your clients get this consulting service if they are going to get Cylance."

David T. IT Director

"What a great experience"

"At day one, HI Tech Hui was able to target our IT challenges and apply solutions with impressive urgency. Due to their amazing responsiveness and IT expertise, we have been able to save time and focus our attention on our day-to-day operations of our business. Through them, we gained a whole portfolio of new talent and access to reliable technological skills which has helped immensely in creating timely solutions and better results for our IT needs."

Anthony S. Business Development and Marketing

"I also sleep better knowing I won’t wake up and have to deal with hijacked or ransomed data files."

"Cylance just works! It does it’s job quietly (silently), reliably and quickly. I have a couple of customers who like to surf the web in very dangerous places. They were getting viruses almost daily, each had ransomware several times, no other AV program had prevented it. After installing CylanceProtect, neither of them has a virus in over a 18 months now. It has freed up a lot of my time to do more important tasks. I am not wasting my time on annoying cleanup tasks. I also sleep better knowing I won’t wake up and have to deal with hijacked or ransomed data files."

Henry D. CEO

"We always recommend High Tech Hui, they are Hawaii's cybersecurity experts"

"When our customers ask us to refer them to an IT Security company, we always recommend High Tech Hui, they are Hawaii's cybersecurity experts. When it comes to protecting our customers network and systems there is no other company we trust more."

Jared G. President

"Working with HI Tech Hui has been great, the IT support team has been amazing."

"I used to be so paranoid that my computers are going to crash and we'll lose all our important files. It happened twice in the past so file recovery has been terrible experience for us. At that time I thought backing it up locally was good enough. Now, I feel better because I know it's backed up with HI Tech Hui. And what I love the most is that I can peacefully be out of the office now without having my staff bother me for any computer and technical issues. Now all we have to do is call HI Tech Hui. Working with HI Tech Hui has been great, the IT support team has been amazing and I haven't had any complaints yet."

Minnette J. Guyo Business-Office Manager

"With HI Tech Hui's Expertise, We've Achieved Higher Levels Of IT Security And Peace Of Mind"

"The most significant benefit to our company since moving to HI Tech Hui is achieving a higher level of security in our network and data infrastructure through their recommendations and implementations. HI Tech Hui has genuinely been honest and upfront with every IT recommendation for our consideration. The knowledge, experience, and integrity of HI Tech Hui's professional staff, allows us to entrust these Cybersecurity and IT experts with our business IT infrastructure. Being locally owned and operated eliminates any time zone differences and most importantly, personifies the spirit of "Aloha". We consider ourselves very fortunate to be connected to such a reputable organization. They are Ohana. We highly recommend HI Tech Hui for your peace of mind!"

Donna D President

A SMART Team Looking For The Right Solution For YOU.

HI Tech Hui has always been there to provide managed IT support, resources and IT skill-sets when we needed them most. Their team members are really smart, they are in touch with the latest technologies and trends (including cyber threats) and they will find the right solution for you. They support the local community and know their products well.

Adam C. Network and Datacenter Services

Friendly Experts Communicating On My Level

HI Tech Hui helped us move our data to the cloud for easy and secure access while in the office and especially while we're working away from the office. I really like working with HI Tech Hui's help desk, as I don't have to wait for a specific person to get back to me. Everyone we've worked with at HTH is friendly and knowledgeable. They're able to "dumb it down" to help me understand technical issues.

Ellen C. Office Manager