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6 Reasons to Trust HI Tech Hui
for IT Support and Cybersecurity in Honolulu, Hawaii


We Have the Most World Recognized IT Support and Cybersecurity Experts on our Team. No other company in Hawaii focuses on cybersecurity the way we do. We have the most world recognized IT support and cybersecurity experts on our team. Our IT Consultants speak at big conferences like Def Con and Black Hat. This means that when it comes to Cybersecurity and IT Support we are most up to date with methodologies and solutions compared to any other IT Support Company in Honolulu and all of Hawaii.


We Have Our Own US Based 24x7 SOC (Security Operations Center). We are Hawaii’s ONLY locally owned and managed 24x7 SOC. Most SOCs outsource a portion of their operations. We do not. We have IT Support and cybersecurity analysts in the East and Pacific Coasts that allow us to use a “Follow the Sun” methodology. At all times, we have someone around the clock monitoring your network to provide the added protection from unwanted intrusions. Our SOC is based on FireEye solutions which has managed the breaches and remediation for the largest companies and governments in the world. The solutions we provide used to be reserved for large corporations with large budgets. Our cybersecurity MSSP offerings allow us to provide the best of the best cyber solutions at an affordable cost. You can relax knowing HI Tech Hui is monitoring your network 24/7 and giving you the IT support your organization needs.


Our Team Have Worked for Fortune 500 Companies and Startups Our team has worked for fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and the Gap and have also consulted with other large enterprise corporations. This means they are no strangers to the issues you deal with daily in a corporate environment. With our startup experience we also have the expertise to help smaller organizations grow to where they need to be by leveraging technology. Our team offers such premium network, IT consulting and IT support that corporations call us to fix their issues that other engineers have failed to do. There has never been a project that our engineers did not have the technical ability to solve. With our expertise in cybersecurity, we provide service that no other IT support company in Hawaii can compare.


We Help You With Compliance Corporations large and small are subject to some sort of compliance such as CMMC, HIPAA and PCI to name a few. HI Tech Hui helps corporations meet their regulations. We provide vCISO resources to help prioritize their security spend, we provide security policy, process, and procedures, incident response planning, security training and awareness, security assessments, penetration testing, third party risk assessments, vulnerability and risk assessments. This means you don’t need to work with multiple vendors to help you with compliance and IT support, we can help provide what you need so you don’t have to work with multiple organizations.


We Do It With Aloha While IT and cybersecurity are very serious subjects, it doesn’t mean WE have to be. We like to have fun and enjoy life which make us very personable, fun to be around and very down to earth. We believe in having fun and living life to the fullest. Aloha is what keeps our clients staying with us for years and years. Our integrity and our desire to always do what’s right is why our customers love us. Our clients aren’t just our clients, they feel like part of our ohana.


We Are The Founding Organizers of BSides Hawaii, a Local Cybersecurity Conference. HI Tech Hui’s passion for cybersecurity and growth spreads outside of our own organization. Wanting to share our extensive cybersecurity and IT knowledge, and bring together experts of all kinds; we are the organizers and hosts of the local Honolulu BSides cybersecurity conference, an international organization delivering security conferences around the world.

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IT Support and Cyber Security Services in Hawaii


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HI Tech Hui: Cybersecurity and IT Support for businesses throughout Honolulu – Let us help you today!

Maybe you’re concerned with the risk of being compromised from a cyber attack or maybe you and your team are just running short on time because of your expanding business and department needs and you need to hand over the reins of some services to a company you can trust. Whatever your reason, we can help you with your outsourced IT support.

Your business can save money and time today with HI Tech Hui’s managed services, managed security services, network solutions, IT support, cybersecurity solutions and more.

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"If Protecting Your Company Against Debilitating Ransomware Attacks Is Important To You, Then I Would Strongly Suggest Working With Hi Tech Hui."

"Ransomware is real. About 6 months before finding HI Tech Hui, our company was hit twice with cyber attacks. HI Tech Hui's team did an unbelievable job restoring our system after being hit by ransomware. Their customer service has been consistently superior; quickly addressing our cybersecurity issues and implementing effective security protocols that safeguards us from further attacks. Their positive and courteous attitudes, financially conscientious practices, along with being well versed in all aspects of IT are just a few of the standout areas within HI Tech Hui's IT service offerings.

The greatest benefit we’ve received by selecting Hi Tech Hui has been the PEACE OF MIND we now have knowing that we are being ACTIVELY protected by experts who truly care for their client’s wellbeing and is able to provide the expertise that we need. If we couldn’t effectively begin protecting ourselves from ransomware, we’d probably be out of business by now. For some, recovering from such attacks may not be financially possible. We have dealt with many vendors over the past 15 years and consider Hi Tech Hui to be head and shoulders above the rest. What I’m sharing is not a sales pitch. It’s a cry out to those who are either unprotected or are in a relationship with a marginally qualified service provider. I really wouldn’t wish what we went through (ransomware attacks) on anyone. Be akamai and proactive rather than reactive and connect with the experts at HI Tech Hui."

Al H. Vice President

"We always recommend High Tech Hui, they are Hawaii's cybersecurity experts"

"When our customers ask us to refer them to an IT Security company, we always recommend High Tech Hui, they are Hawaii's cybersecurity experts. When it comes to protecting our customers network and systems there is no other company we trust more."

Jared G. President

"I also sleep better knowing I won’t wake up and have to deal with hijacked or ransomed data files."

"Cylance just works! It does it’s job quietly (silently), reliably and quickly. I have a couple of customers who like to surf the web in very dangerous places. They were getting viruses almost daily, each had ransomware several times, no other AV program had prevented it. After installing CylanceProtect, neither of them has a virus in over a 18 months now. It has freed up a lot of my time to do more important tasks. I am not wasting my time on annoying cleanup tasks. I also sleep better knowing I won’t wake up and have to deal with hijacked or ransomed data files."

Henry D. CEO

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