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What is Cloud Computing

The short answer is that it is an effective means of disseminating resources amongst a number of different devices without having to install on each device separately. A longer answer – Cloud computing involves the delivery of computing, not as a product but as a service. Software, resources and information can all be shared amongst all of your computers, mobile devices and any other internet based device that you use, via a network connection. It’s simple, it’s easier and it is much more cost effective than the old way.

In effect, you only have to load your software once and, from there, all users log into it and use what they need to get their job done. The whole service is run from one remote location, lifting the burden from local computer systems and placing it on the network. A network that is more than capable of handling the loading without any hiccups.

Most people are already familiar with Cloud computing whether they realise it or not. Do you use a web-based email account? Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail for example? Then you are using Cloud computing. All of your data, your emails, are all stored in the Cloud, not on your personal computer or tablet.

How Does it Work?

To know how Cloud computing works and our role in it, you need to split it into two sections – the front end and the back end. They both connect to each other via the network, which is usually the internet.

The front end is what every user sees – your computer and the software or applications you use on it. The back end is where it’s all happening. This is where the servers are, the computers needed to run the Cloud and the storage systems that make up the Cloud.

As part of our Managed IT Service, we monitor your Cloud. We keep all your data safely stored and we even have backups of your backups in case of a problem with the Cloud itself.

Why Do We Need Cloud Computing?

You could ask why you want to rely on an outside system to take care of all your software and application needs. Here are just a few reasons why:

Here at HI Tech Hui, we provide you with a high-tech solution for all your computing needs. Use one of our Cloud Computing systems and never face the headache of losing your data or not having the right applications to hand ever again. We do it all so you can get down to the task of running your business.

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