Working from presents some challenges. We're listening to yours and will be generating tips to common questions being presented to our tech team.

We've noticed several questions regarding VPN and Remote Access (RDP in particular). Here are some steps our techs would like to remind users of:


To Remote into the Office from off-site.

  1. First, you must successfully start/login to the VPN Connection
    • VPN ID and PW may not be the same as your PC/Network Logon
  2. Secondly, click on the desktop shortcut “Remote Access” (or however it’s been labeled) to remote
    • Remote Access logon will be the same as logging on to your PC at work

SIGN OUT of the Remote Access Session when done working remotely

  1. Double check you click the RDP Windows Start Icon – not your PC/Laptops
  2. Choose Sign Out – not Disconnect, Reboot, or Shutdown   (if these options are available)
  3. Do not click “X” to close the Remote window – users will still be logged in, their applications and documents will still be open

Please reach out if you have additional questions or concerns regarding your VPN access.