Cupid’s arrows have hit the HI Tech Hui team a little different this year, leaving us swooning over newer technology!

These headphones have earned high rankings in the office thanks to their lightweight and impressive sound quality!

Rocketbooks provides a classic pen and paper experience, yet is built for the digital age. Although it feels like a traditional notebook, the Core is endlessly reusable and connected to all of your favorite cloud services. With a variety of different planner formats, we’re so happy to have been introduced to these!

With all the social distancing we are practicing, it makes it hard to feel connected to our extended families both near and far. We really love having the Echo Show around to easily connect with family members. With Alexa, the younger kids are able to connect with the grandparents whenever they want!

I’ve been told that this is Chuck’s new “mobile office”. It’s sleek and has his praise, which means it’s gotta be good. I don’t think he’s ever settled for less than the best!

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