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Become Malware Free in Less Time and with Better Results! Considering traditional antivirus software only detects around 40% of all malware on a good day, at least 60% of malware goes undetected within your enterprise systems. How do you ensure your threat level gets down to zero? By taking a mathematical approach to malware identification, Cylance's premium products utilizes patent-pending, machine learning techniques instead of reactive signatures and sandboxes, PROTECT renders new malware, viruses, bots and unknown future variants useless.

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Jon Iha

Our experience with HI Tech Hui and Cylance has been very positive

Two weeks after I started here we got hit with crypto. Our other antivirus we had didn’t block it. Same story... Big hassle to stop the crawling, then restore from backup. I’ve had experiences in the past with other AV products and none of them worked. Our experience with HI Tech Hui and Cylance has been very positive. The roll out was very easy. We just did a version upgrade and it took about 15 min to update all workstations! Most of our discoveries so far have been adware stuff. Outside of that very quiet so that’s a good thing.

Honolulu Cookie Company

Cylance on CBS 60 Minutes

Saw Cylance on 60 Minutes? Want to see PROOF that we could have stopped the exact malware used in the cyber attack against Sony Pictures? Cylance CEO Stuart McClure pits our flagship product, CylancePROTECT, up against the malware used in the attack. Cylance VP of Strategy, Jon Miller tells it like it is on how in the www (wild, wild, west) of the Internet, there ‘is no sheriff.'

CylancePROTECT® vs Macros

In this technical demonstration, we pit CylancePROTECT® against Office documents containing malicious Macros.

2014 AT&T Cybersecurity Conference Keynote - Stuart McClure, Cylance CEO

Cylance CEO Stuart McClure on why math is the future of cybersecurity.

Forbes: Cylance: Protecting Your Computer Through Mathematics

Cylance is a cybersecurity company that uses mathematics to detect and prevent cyber attacks.

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