If you’re in business you need a website. – I’m shocked as to how many businesses in Hawaii do not have a website.  For me, it’s almost a deal breaker.  If there’s an accountant that has a website vs one that does not, I will choose the one that has one.  Why? Because it tells me that they know and understand business and the importance of an online presence.  It shows me they are progressive. It builds trust.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a website. – The more money you spend on a site does not mean you’ll make more money from your site.  I remember when I started my first business.  I spent a few thousand dollars on a website.  And since it was my earlier years, that was pretty much my WHOLE budget.  I had a really pretty site and I was sooo excited I couldn’t wait for all the calls to roll in.  Then the day came when my site went live and nothing happened.  Days went by and no calls no emails.  Months went by and NOTHING.  Websites alone (even really pretty ones), won’t bring you business.  It just keeps you credible so people can better make decisions to do business with you.

Security is important.  Websites can easily get hacked.  Make sure you’re working with a company that stays on top of patching and takes security seriously.

Website Components

  1. There is the actual design – the look and feel
  2. The Content – The words and information about your business.
  3. URL – you can purchase your URL, your domain name from places like GoDaddy and Moniker.
  4. The Platform – We prefer to use WordPress sites for the ease of use. There are many different templates that can easily be used to get your website started.
  5. The Hosting – Hosting is where the website lives. The hosting company should be able to manage and maintain websites. WordPress sites are known to get hacked easily.  Ensure you’re working with a company that patches often and understands cybersecurity.

Things to consider:

  • Do not put your company email addresses on your website. Use a generic info@
  • Make sure you own your own URLs. Don’t have someone else purchase it, make sure you have the logins for your domains and that you’re paying them on time so they don’t expire.
  • Don’t host your website yourself.  Outsource hosting to reputable companies that know and understand cybersecurity